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Canterbury Festival Bursary Competition Timon Staehler

Blog: Bursary Prize Winner 2018 Timon Staehler ‘A rewarding experience’

The Canterbury Festival Bursary Competition has proved a most rewarding experience. By means of the prize money so generously offered, I have been enabled to participate in the German music competition “Jugend Musiziert” which brings together young musicians from around the world.

In this instance, I am not playing solo but am competing with a piano trio. Our programme comprises the second movement from Anton Rubinstein’s Piano Trio Nr. 3, Op. 52 and the first movement from Beethoven’s Piano Trio Nr. 3, Op. 1.

After having won first prizes in the first and second rounds in London (January 2019) and Prague, Czech Republic (March 2019), respectively, we are now looking forward to the finals in Halle, Germany, in June.

The great composer Händel was born in Halle and between rehearsals I will make sure to visit his birthplace. I might even be able to catch a concert at the Händel Festival which begins in May.

My prize money has helped me to meet travel and accommodation expenses in Prague and will also contribute to paying my way in Halle. It will, I hope, also help me to travel once more to Germany, later in the summer, to participate in a very competitive two-week-long chamber music course, though I still have to wait for the outcome of my application…

It is truly wonderful to observe that even within our current prosaic social climate, which frequently neglects financial support for the arts, there are still people committed to helping aspiring young musicians realise their potential. It makes me immensely proud to say that I have been on the receiving end of this beneficence, and I wish to foreground that I will do my utmost to ensure that the community, to whom we all are so very much indebted, is duly repaid – as is the duty of any artist, whatever their medium.

The 2019 Bursary Competition takes place on Monday 28 October, 7.30pm at St Gregory’s Centre for Music, Canterbury Christ Church University.