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Gladius: Canterbury and Krakow Tales

Gladius commemorates landmark anniversaries of European significance: the 900th anniversary of St Thomas Becket’s birth and the 850th anniversary of his death, and the 940th anniversary of the death of St Stanislaus of Szczepanów.

The project owes its inspiration to the spiritual, cultural and musical legacies of both these saints. The musical component draws on Polish and European compositions venerating them dating back to the Middle Ages. The soundtrack corresponds with the visual, and the visual dimension feeds off the hagiographic accounts surviving in fine-arts renditions.

Originally planned for a live concert at this year’s Festival, here is an on-line taster performed by Cracow Singers. We very much hope that we will be able to present this concert in full during next year’s

Concept originated, visuals prepared and document implementation by:
Adam Nyk
Artistic direction:
Karol Kusz
Music Performers:
Cracow Singers Documentary director
Katarzyna Freiwald

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