Classico Latino with Omar Puente

The award-winning Classico Latino seamlessly blends the techniques and sounds of classical music with authentic Latin American rhythms and melodies.

Performing unique and groundbreaking arrangements of classic sambas, boleros, tangos and other rhythms alongside their own compositions, Classico Latino's performances bring life to the stories and emotions of the continent, in a contagiously exciting sound
which expresses the original passion and joy of Latin-American music.

At Canterbury Festival, Classico Latino will be launching their fifth album, Havana Classic, which was recorded at the iconic EGREM studios in Havana, Cuba in the summer of 2018. With guest artist Omar Puente and an array of local musicians, this new album will
channel the tropical spirit of old Cuba with a unique classical twist.

“One of the year’s finest world fusion projects” (UKVibe)

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Fri 25 Oct


7:30 pm



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