Culture in Captivity – Ruhleben (1914-18) in Words and Music

Tuesday 18 October, 7.30pm

The Crypt, Canterbury Cathedral

Tickets £22.50, £18.50 (Incl. £1.50 booking fee)


Mary Kemp Introductory Talk

George Coltart Baritone

Stephen Matthews Piano

Graham Rix Cello

Ben Jones Violin

David Newsholme Musical Director


During the First World War, thousands of soldiers and civilians spent time in captivity. Ruhleben Camp, in Spandau near Berlin, was a civilian internment camp. Here 4,500 men, including five from Canterbury, courageously built an English society to survive the anguish and privations of overcrowding and confinement.

Over forty professional musicians plus talented amateurs helped to keep up the morale and general wellbeing of these internees. This evening’s event comprises a Talk by Mary Kemp who has been researching Prisoners of War since 2006. Ruhleben, the musicians, and the Canterbury connection remain her major interest.

The following concert includes works composed and performed in Ruhleben interspersed with works by Samuel Coleridge Taylor.

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Tickets for all events are now on sale!

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Tue 18 Oct


7:30 pm



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