Marc Morris: The Anglo-Saxons: A History of the Beginnings of England

Monday 18 October, 5.45pm
Cathedral Lodge
Tickets £12 (Incl. £1.50 booking fee)

In the early 5th century, Britain was a former Roman province, descending rapidly into ruin. But by the early 11th century, it was dominated by a newly forged kingdom called ‘England’ – a country of shires, sheriffs, bishops and boroughs, with boundaries much the same as they are today. That transformation was caused by the Anglo-Saxons. The story of their tumultuous journey, from warlords to kings, from paganism to Christianity, and from a galaxy of competing peoples to a single, unified nation, is the subject of this compelling talk.

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Tickets are now on sale!

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Mon 18 Oct


5:45 pm



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