The Centre for Kent History and Heritage Festival Talks

The Centre for Kent History and Heritage at Canterbury Christ Church University is delighted to be hosting a series of free online talks during the festival fortnight that celebrate Kent’s rich heritage in photography, poetry, history and archaeology. The series promises a visual feast with Dr Sam Vale’s beautiful photographic work on the history of the iconic Kent Cherry, Dr Diane Heath’s celebration of the weird and wonderful world of the medieval bestiary, and archaeology talks on fabulous finds in the county.

Dr Susan Civale’s talk will explore the revealing accounts left by intrepid Romantic women writers who, in tempestuous times of war and revolution, crossed the Channel to France from Dover. In two talks on Victorian Canterbury, Michelle Crowther will consider how the Society of Persistent Scribblers fostered creativity and the literary ambitions of women in the city, and Dr Ralph Norman will trace the fascinating lives of African scholars such as Nathaniel Cyril Kondile Mhala who came to the city to study at St Augustine’s Missionary College.

Full details and dates will be available in the Centre for Kent History and Heritage blog here.


Sat 16 Oct - Sat 30 Oct





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