To Move the Mind: Reading Salvation in the Late Medieval Parish Church

St Peter’s Methodist Church, Canterbury, CT1 2BE
Doors open 10am; tea and coffee available / Talk 11am
Tickets £12 (incl. £1.50 booking fee)

A Talk by Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh, Principal Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Centre for Kent History and Heritage. 

In England the Reformation witnessed the transformation of the interiors of parish and other churches as walls were whitewashed, images were removed and plain glass at times replaced stained glass windows. Yet, even if only a small proportion of this medieval heritage remains today, it can offer us ideas about what had been there in the late Middle Ages, and perhaps even more importantly how ordinary people understood and engaged with their parish church. 

This talk will concentrate on wall paintings, taking examples where possible from Kent, to explore how parishioners may have read these pictorial representations in their bid for salvation. For such images were intended to work on increasingly complex levels, offering sacred truths for late medieval people that moved far beyond the idea of ‘pictures for the illiterate’. Among the paintings we will explore are those portraying scenes from Christ’s Nativity and Passion on a column in Faversham parish church, a rare survival from the early 14th century.

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