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Earth Tribe Poetry Resource Pack

Whether you are applying to this year’s Under 18s Poetry Competition or looking for a creative activity for your family, our Earth Tribe Poetry Resource Pack is full of great ideas for budding young poets to write their own original and imaginative poetry.

This year’s poetry theme is Earth Tribe, exploring nature, animals, humans, planet Earth and its wonders, the climate and the elements.

Being highly visual and less reliant on individual academic levels, the resource uses varied creative-writing techniques to enable access into poetry writing for all abilities. The activities can be done at home with easily accessible, resourced materials.

Some tips to remember: Poems do not have to rhyme. Do your words sound good when read aloud? Is there a natural rhythm or flow? Do the words paint a picture for readers/listeners to imagine? Most of all, have fun playing with words!

Click here to download the Poetry Resource Pack