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Interview with Caravan – Who do you think we are?

Canterbury Chris Church University’s Professor Shane Blackman hosts an interview with Caravan’s Pye Hastings and Geoffrey Richardson, plus David Hitchcock the producer of the 1971 album In the Land of the Grey and Pink on Decca. In August 2021 Caravan release Who do you think we are? A career-spanning 37 Disc deluxe box set. The interview premiered online – Monday 18 October as part of Canterbury Festival 2021

Click here to watch the interview

Canterbury Sound 2021 Playlist

To tie in with the digital airing of Shane Blackman’s Interview with Caravan, Canterbury Christ Church University have brought together an array of music showcasing the very best in student talent.

With influences from pop, folk and electronics, the famous Canterbury Sound of the 1960s and 1970s lives on, in a new form. A dynamic collection of the best and most diverse content from performers, singer-songwriters and producers based at Canterbury Christ Church University; evidence of a new Canterbury Sound for the 21st century.

The playlist will remain available until the end of the year, Friday 31 December 2021.

Click here to open the playlist in SoundCloud and listen at your leisure.