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Young Musicians – How to stay motivated in lockdown

Our 2019 Ambassador for the Arts and Young Musicians’ Bursary award winner – Siena Barr, shares some of her tips for how young musicians can stay motivated in lockdown.

It can be very hard to stay motivated to practise when you have no concerts, competitions or exams to work towards. Although this is a difficult situation to be in, you can take advantage of all the time you have now by setting your own personal playing goals!

For example, I would like to get my tonguing speed on clarinet faster, and I would also like to play the Rhapsody in Blue glissando (look it up – it’s an amazing piece). You could draw up a chart and put a sticker on it for all the times you practise the challenge you would like to complete on your instrument.

Another fun way to stay motivated is to stay connected with other musicians online! There are lots of ensembles at the moment which are inviting people to learn a part and send it in so that all the parts can be put together as if everyone was playing together: Jess Gillam the saxophonist has put together one of these orchestras, and I am also involved in the online National Schools Symphony Orchestra and the National Youth Concert Band pieces.

Another way I have used the Internet to stay motivated is by planning to set up an Instagram account with my friend where we will post duets, as well as our own compositions and arrangements. This is really fun and a great way to share your music with others!